Cialis 5mg


Cialis should be taken just once a day, one pill at a time at a low dose of 5mg, 45 minutes ahead of engaging in sex with your partner. Do not take a higher does or more than one a day. If you think of have taken an overdose, it is better to consult the doctor at the earliest. Vomitting, nausea, irregular heart rate and pain in the chest are some of the overdose symptoms.

Cialis impotency drug should not be used if you are using any medicine that contains nitrates. When used with nitrates, Cialis can have many complications such as lowering of the pressure that could even be fatal. Alcohol, grapefruit and grape juice should not be used when taking Cialis because these three can lead to an increase of the side effects.


  • Helps improve circulation so that a man (or sometimes a woman) gets aroused more easily.
  • Better sex.
  • Only need to take one every 36 hours so will become sexually aroused within this period without having to take a pill.
  • Safe to use and minimal health risks, usually no side effects if taken no more than once a day.
  • Non-addictive.


  • When mixed with alcohol the side effects can increase.
  • Cialis can become a psychological crutch for men who depend upon this drug alone for sexual enhancement.
  • There also is the possibility of an overdose reaction or drug interaction.
  • Can be expensive to use on a regular basis. However, sometimes it can purchase in sample packs of as little as two pills.

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